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Understand how to break through

Whether you’re defining your brand’s story, persuading people on an issue, or reaching policymakers – in today’s crowded media environment, to really break through, you need the latest understanding of the landscape. That’s where Decibel comes in.

Decibel is a competitive intelligence platform. For any set of companies, topics, or issues, Decibel can tell you:

Paid media and messaging strategy across TV and digital platforms
Share of voice on topics, policies, or issues that matter most to your success
What policymakers and influentials are seeing every morning
Which competing ads are working, and which are just loud

You might be surprised by who your rivals are in the public affairs and reputational arms race – they may not be the same brands you compete with in the consumer marketplace. Decibel tells you who else is targeting your audience - and what they're saying.

Decibel’s AI engine gets answers to the right questions.

By sifting through tens of thousands of ads every day to distinguish ads about products from ads about purpose, policy, and reputation – it lets you know what actually matters.

Decibel tracks ads across every major platform. And with an exclusive set of newsletter tracking data for over 200 publications – only Decibel can tell you what Beltway decision-makers and Silicon Valley elites see every morning.

Ad Prediction Score

Prediction: Public Affairs
Score: 90%

Stop wondering what the competition is doing. Start making them wonder how you found out.

It’s easy to get caught up in the loudest ads you see everywhere. But those aren’t always the ones you should be concerned about.

Decibel goes beyond where an ad is running and who’s seeing it and gets at the questions that actually matter: Is it memorable? Changing opinion? Shifting brand favorability and trust?

Decibel Ad Summary Report

Ad 1:
"Helping Small Businesses"
Ad 2:
"Carbon Commitment"
Ad 3:
"Why Benefits Matter"
Theme Small business Climate / sustainability Wages & benefits
Flight Dates 1/1/2022 - 1/21/2022 12/15/2021 - Now 2/5/2022 - Now
Spend $804K $5.8M $124K
% Seen Ad

Percent seen is 33%

Percent seen is 48%

Percent seen is 12%

Impact on Trust +2.7%
Impact on Favorability +4.3%

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